SB&D Tampa, Florida



Southbound and Down 2016.


The third year running, SB&D hosted a show at The Boardr skatepark in Tampa, Fl. People trucked, trailered and road in from all over. With the fall weather finally breaking the day before, Floridians were able to break out the flannels and enjoy themselves for a day of choppers and fun.





Eric of FNA custom cycles out of lakeland brought out a couple of his mad creations, here is the Three In The Stink, a rad mag fired two stroke triple.



Dagner just finished this beast of a sporty up and had it on display along with his pipe company, Dagner pipes. Later in the day found him ripping wheelies on it looking like a boss.


I shoot photos with a go pro, unfortunatley this Larry pierce built dream machine did not transfer as well in the low light, but was able to get this one showing off a rad placed swazi. The more I looked at this machine, the more I loved it. A truly amazing build.


Wes from Riders on the Norm was there with his buddy John, who brought this beautiful cone.



Im not sure who killed it more, Drew with the build or Bryson with the paint but both of these dudes nailed it and are representing Florida very well.


Best garage built winner was Arthur and his wild Triumph.



The last of the go pro battery was spent trying to capture the maniacs out front ripping burnouts and wheelies. Look up the hashtags and see for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.


After helping a buddy load up and recharging, I met up with buddies Dallas and Erm. They happened to have a pile of great people with em to ride to the after party at The rivers edge just south of Tampa. A highlight to a great day.




Miss Mandoozle got to ride in her first real group ride and killed it. Still on her about covering up them ankles though.


Blocking traffic for the group made life with this many riders so easy as we road into downtown Ybor.





Sean is from Baltimore…clearly we are all cold weather pussies as he didnt flinch riding in a tshirt while us Floridians were excited to finally be able to cover up after a long and hot summer.

Its days like these that make all the lonely garage time working the bugs out of builds all worth it. Too much fun with too many good people to worry about the too cool to say hi types. Come down to Florida next year and enjoy it for yourselves.

Cheers -Mandoozle



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