Local Heros – Southern Cycle Works

The South shall Rise again @ Southern Cycle Works…Story and pics by FLY SKEETO

In today’s fast paced world it seems like everywhere you turn the get em in, get em out, keep em moving, give em less, charge em more way of life is the norm. A sad reality considering that in the not so distant past people and business valued a loyal customer and showed basic human courtesy to their patrons. If you like me yearn for those days of a slower paced society pre cell phone, pre internet or instagram , twitter or the biggest annoyance of all Pre Kardashian. Then I should probably let you know about this little oasis of motorcycle bliss named Southern cycle works




Southern Cycle Works is a small newly established Indy motorcycle shop located in the down and dirty part of Dallas Tx, don’t let the occasional crack head or stray hooker loitering around distract you because what’s going on in the shop is what any red blooded American gear head dreams about at night. That is Real honest to goodness wrenching and fabrication.  Owner Butch Coss whose motorcycle career started way back in 1979 and his right hand man Dwayne specialize in Vintage Harley but the occasional jap or brit bike find their way into the shop and get treated with the same love that the American freedom machines receive.


Southern Cycle Works has a real cool laid back vibe with plenty of eye candy to keep you occupied while Butch and Dwayne check out your bike and give you great quality work and prices for parts and labor that can’t be beat. On any given day you might walk in to find a knuckle or pan up on the lift but Shovelheads seem to be Ole grey beard Butch bike of affection.  I asked Owner Butch why at 64 years young he would want to start a business when others are already retiring and looking for deals on cemetery plots and he answered,  “ I’ve served in the military. I’ve been to prison working on Harleys seems like a lot better option”




Small Independent bike shops are a dying breed. I can’t stress enough no matter what town or state you live in support your local shop. Indy shops are more than just a place to get your bike fixed It is a gathering place, a Mecca for the likeminded, a place where a wide eyed eager to learn youngster might wander in and set him on a path that he will follow the rest of his days.  Southern Cycle Works is one of these American ways of life.

To contact Butch Coss at Southern Cycle  Works follow him on Instagram username GRANPABUTCH or call the shop @ 214-434-0978