Alien Run

The annual ALIEN RUN comes to town like a giant humming blue ribbed flashing pickle shaped cylindrical UFO penetrating the sky, vibrating faster than the human mind can comprehend and shooting lighting from it’s nose cone, to the Little A’Le’Inn, a café/bar with a most gracious and galactic hospitality, disguised in a sleepy little tourist town along a lone desert highway about 100 miles north east of the Las Vegas strip… You’ve just entered Rachel Nevada.

ALIEN RUN 2016 – MAY 21st-22nd, RACHEL NEVADA7259876886_4ddcf4013a_k






(they offer a full bar / restuaruant service and sales of 12 packs/case beers for campers)

(please note: nearest GAS is 50 miles away in Alamo)


Nearby Groom Lake also known as “Dreamland” where we absolutely know aliens have been squirreled away since being recovered from a “weather balloon test” in Roswell, New Mexico (in the later 1940’s) (Yes, we have the proof). Where covert advanced 7260024346_b6c9f787cf_kdevelopment of military aircraft and laser weapon research takes place far underground inside secret bunkers with extraterrestrial guidance, at the Not-So secret military base (permanently off limits to nosey nerdy civilian personnel) most commonly known as …AREA 51. Well, Rachel Nevada is as close as you can get without getting arrested… (but still can if you try hard enough I’m sure).

Be warned the road to Rachel is often obscured by weird electro-magnetic atmospheric fluctuations, violent but passing rain and 7260133382_30dac39b5c_khailstorms (not so much in May…), dense fog covering the valley floor and hallucinating cattle (all year round. Remember, they’ve been probed a lot, so they’re kinda over it…) seemingly intent on blocking the highway. Many riders arrived only to find sunny skies overhead and cold beverages awaiting their final approach, failing to understand that the Aliens were intent upon arriving unnoticed…


Some say there is also Men In Black amongst the tumbleweeds, hiding, just 7260208860_e36f1b87b3_kwaiting to snare a Lizardtillian from the bar with some form of hand-held dildo shaped tractor beam weapon. But to date, I’ve yet to see any abductions, or for that matter mysterious flying discs that hover overhead and drop their goo covered tentacles down to slobber slimey space seed into the brains of those mingling and drinking around the 7259968360_8dca76c771_kcampfires at night… at least I don’t remember any of that happening. Who’s to say it didn’t…? It probably did and I just supressed the memories.

by ROY NEARY7237874620_7e4531bbc2_k (1)