Hamtramck Hustle / Oily Souls 4

Hamtramck Hustle/Oily Souls 4

words and photos by: Jeff Jolly / Hold Fast Photography Detroit

I woke up Saturday August 27th and immediately checked the weather. Low chance of rain until 5pm. I got to the meet up spot at 1:30, a couple of texts came in about bad weather heading our way, but we were already committed to ride. First stop was the 10th annual Hamtramck Hustle, hosted by the Dead Last Car Club.

For those not familiar with the Detroit area, Hamtramck is a small independent city located entirely inside Detroit proper. As we pulled up we were directed to the motorcycle parking behind Kelly’s Bar. There were lots of hot rods, rat rods, classics and customs parked on the street. There was a nice variety of motorcycles as well. Around 3 it started to thunderstorm, people took shelter in the bar. After 2 hours the rain stopped, we dried the bikes off and got ready to head to Oily Souls.

The Jam Handy Building was this years venue. It is slightly larger space than previous years, so more motorcycles were in the show. The amount of different styles of motorcycles included meant there was something in the show everyone could enjoy. The craftsmanship on these bikes was astounding. Gene Payne brought a huge display of Harley Davidson race bikes. The Jalopy Brothers provided the some killer tunes. Outside became a huge block party. Motorcycles of every kind, vans, and hot rods lined the street. So many people showed up they had to park on the grass median between the two side of Grand Blvd. The atmosphere at Oily Souls 4 was really laid back, everyone was friendly
and seemed to be having a great time. This show gets better every year, as Ted Nugent said “Detroit City is the place to be!” If you get the chance, get to Detroit next August for Oily Souls.



check out the photos that jolly_jeff snapped of the event.

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