Zombie Performance: Interview with Steffan Ihrcke

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This interview with Steffan from Zombie Performance is the first in what will be a regularly published series here on Moto Cantina. We’ll pick the brains of the folks behind the companies, shops, and builds you love and share their thoughts here on the blog. – innanetmatt

Zombie Performance has been a household name in choppers for the last couple years, turning out incredible bars alongside some unique parts like cable guides and some rad little “EFI plates” that let you run a late-model Sportster fuel pump on any gas tank. Steffan at ZP was kind enough to answer some questions for the Cantina recently.

MotoCantina: What got you interested in motorcycles?IMG_8946
Zombie Performance: I used to be into old cars and hot rods. When I moved to Oregon I had to sell everything and was living in a tiny apartment. No garage, carport or even a driveway and all my tools were at my day job. I
eventually bought a motorcycle and its been all two wheels ever since. I had a couple bikes when I was younger. They were fun but I never took them seriously and didn’t have my endorsement. I’d ride dirt bikes from time to time but they were not my bikes so I only went when I was invited.
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