Giddy Up! 2017

 Words and photos by Timmy Marr (@SkidMarr)

The Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show takes place every year towards the end of March in New Braunfels, Texas. In my opinion, it’s in the perfect location, at the perfect venue, during the perfect time of year.

2 days before the show

Myself, my brother Tyler, and our friend Kelly (who rode an extra 180 miles to get to us) set off to ride 300 miles from Wichita, Kansas to Denton, Texas at 6:00pm. We were riding into a 25+mph headwind the whole way south and the enormous trunk that I put on my bike was like a parachute. But we made it to my friend Blake’s house around 1am and crashed for the night.

1 day before the show

We got up and prepared to make the hour long trek in scattered showers from Denton, to Weatherford, Texas to meet up with the man, Danger Dan. Those of us that had rain gear, put it on. And those of us that didn’t, hardened the fuck up.

Myself, Tyler and Kelly from Kansas, Scotty and Blake from Texas, and Anthony from San Diego all met up in Weatherford at Dan’s house just in time for it to stop raining. Now the fun could begin. The sun was shining, and I could finally bust out my camera.

Anthony, Tyler, Scotty, Me, Blake, Dan, and Kelly

We were rolling 7 deep and took backroads all the way to New Braunfels and stopped probably every 40 miles. It was a beautiful change of pace and scenery for us Kansas boys considering we spent all day yesterday jamming down Interstate 35 at night.

We made a gas and oil stop in the small town of Hico when our very own Gabe @loudngreasy cruised right by! He stopped and gave me a hug and hauled ass out of there to catch up with his group.

We chugged along and made our way to Spicewood, Tx. Home of Dan Carr of DC Choppers. There we met Josh Kurpius, famous photographer and chopper pilot who ended up rolling with us for the remaining 60 miles to the Giddy Up Pre-Party at the Harley dealership in New Braunfels.

We hung around the pre-party for a few hours. Drank some beers, caught up with friends and listened to the bands. Then we went back to the campsite where the real pre-party goes on. Friday night at the campsite was spent eating canned food cooked on a fire, drinking beer, and wandering from campsite to campsite making new friends. Oh and I gave a few trunk rides.

The day of The Show

My brother and I got up and cruised down river road just to scope out some of the local sights. Then we headed into the show around 11am.

Giddy Up is definitely my favorite “big” chopper event of the year. The River Road Ice House is the perfect venue equipped with a stage and all the show bikes up front with a dirt lot full of vendors and bikes out back. The campground is in the perfect spot right down River Road along the Guadalupe River. It’s in the early spring, so it’s like the perfect shakedown run for people who have been cobbling together their rickety choppers all winter. And the vibe is like, perfectly chill, dude. It sounds dumb, but chill is the best word to describe it. This year the show went from 10am – 8pm so you could show up whenever you like, look at bikes, shop in the vendor area, leave, rip down to the campsite to take a nap, then come back and drink some Lone Star Beer.

The Giveaway Panhead
The guy who won the panhead was gone. Already on his way home

The official after-party takes place at the campground. I don’t have any photographic evidence of this night, but it was a romp and a rave and a hootenanny all rolled into one. Trust.

The Party Pack


1 day after the show

We woke up, drank some water, and hit the road hard. We rode all 600 miles home that day in under 12 hours with the wind to our backs this time. We ran into a pretty nasty storm in the last 60 miles and took some pea size hail at 80mph, but that just makes for a better story.

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again: Every weekend I spend in Texas feels like the best weekend of my life. Giddy Up 2017 was no exception.