Lone Star River Run 7

Words and Photos by: Timmy Marr


The Lone Star River Run takes place in New Braunfels, Texas at Camp Huaco Springs (same place as The Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show) every 3rd weekend in October. The LSRR is in its 7th year and has no big sponsors or other BS. It’s just a good ol’ fashioned weekend full of ridin’, campin’, and beer drinkin’ (preferably Lone Star Beer). My friends from Oklahoma known as the “Oklahomies” go to this run every year. This year they decided to trailer their bikes down to make the nearly 600 mile trek extra speedy. They had an extra spot on their trailer and in their truck and thought I was worthy of their presence, so I took the opportunity and tagged along.

On the drive down, my bike fell over on the trailer and put a dent in another bikes gas tank. I’m really not good at the whole trailering thing. But we arrived at the campsite on Friday much faster and more dry than we would have been if we rode. As soon as we pulled in to the campground, I immediately got the sense that this is more of a family reunion than a Chopper run. Probably 90% of the people there have attended in years past. And everyone was a Texan except for maybe like 6 of us. The first night was spent setting up camp, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones while talking choppers under a full moon.

img_0005 img_0012

Saturday morning we all got up around 9:00am and naturally split into groups to ride into town for some Tex-Mex breakfast. We got back to camp at 11:00am just in time for the group ride to depart along River Road, headed towards the town of Blanco for lunch. The weather was perfect and the pace was ideal. We were riding in a pack of 50+/- bikes comfortably cruising the back roads around 55mph.

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After our lunch in Blanco, we rode down some beautiful gently curving empty roads headed towards Luckenbach, Texas. We spent our time in Luckenbach in the shade drinking a few beers, taking a few naps, and poking fun at the group of big wheel baggers that rolled in. After we were rested and refueled, most people went back to the campsite while a small group of us rode on to another bar.



My bike met its Brother from another Mother
My bike met its Brother from another Mother
Luckenbach chillen
Luckenbach chillin



Small breakdown after Luckenbach
Small breakdown after Luckenbach
Oklahomies know how to chop a sportster
Oklahomies know how to chop a Sportster


A delicious handmade dinner was served that night at the campsite while a live band played along the perfectly still river. After everyone ate, a heated game of Cee-Lo broke out on the tables. Dice were being shook so fast and dollar bills were exchanging hands so quickly I didn’t dare to participate. After that, some people went to bed broke, and some stayed up and partied. I didn’t take any photos that night. Too busy livin it.

The next morning, we packed up and loaded our bikes on the trailer while getting teased by everyone. We hugged all our old and new friends goodbye and hit the road back home. Every weekend I spend in Texas feels like the best weekend of my life. The Lone Star River Run was no exception.