GROflier In case any of you are wondering what we are up to lately and what the hell GRO is you’re in luck..

One of the site owners ( @loudngreasy ) is having a birthday.. (he’s had many of them already so no need to wish him a happy bday)  .. so we decided to make an event out of it.

we dubbed it Gabes Ride Out. bunch of bad ass babe dudes doing bad ass babe things on our bad ass babe motorbikes. it’ll be a small event unless the internet says otherwise and a shit ton of people show. We aren’t in it to gain sponsors, We’re not in it to become the next El Diablo Run, not in it to make any money* or anything like that.   I (@wagonburner) am traveling to Texas from Minneapolis for the event and another site owner (@ramzy) is traveling to the Texas from Virginia. We are just missing @thebcb, then the fist would be complete but it wasn’t in the cards..  come make real life friends from internet life screen names.

#VIVALACANTINA #GRO #gabesrideout



*there is a fee to camp ($10) but it goes to the land owner and not in any of our pockets..